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How to bring customers to your door? A marketing strategy for the HoReCa industry.

How to bring customers to your door? A marketing strategy for the HoReCa industry.

HoReCa comprising hotels, restaurants, and catering services is one of the most interesting and challenging industries in Albania. The hospitality sector is well known for its large capital and infrastructure investments. Yet, a very competitive industry where every actor competes on services, quality, and clients.

Interestingly, what draws the line between the right place to visit is the impact on customers’ eyes. If you are visible, attractive, and welcoming, no doubt they will come knocking at your door.

But the secret lies in bringing the people there.


We share three key marketing aspects from our work with local and international brands.


Brand matters!

It gives us, visitors, customers, and employees a feeling of trust and majesty, as belonging to a greater thing. Hence hotel and restaurant chains globally are always in pursuit of the next hot destination, so their customers can feel at home wherever they land.

Brands not only transfer the facilities/services but also the experience, which is always appreciated, no matter if you are on vacation or a business trip. Simultaneously hotels can utilize reward cards or exclusive offers to turn one-time visitors into loyal customers and brand ambassadors.

Therefore, local enterprises in Albania should never underestimate the power of the brand and start building one. An investment that can only gain value over time.

Online presence

Website and social media channels are oftentimes underrated as businesses focus their efforts on booking platforms. Such services offer visibility and features that make your day-to-day easier but come with a cost. And it is not the platform commission.


In the digital world, your website and social media are your identities. In this instance, you do not want to be missing or distorted. Apart from your identity, your online presence is the source of inspiration, information, and influence for your customers, also impacting their decisions. Think twice…

Booking services will only be needed after the client’s decision is made.


Last but not least, people. They are the core, moving force, and resource of every activity holding power to create and influence one another. Doubtless, the focus should always be on them.

Here is what managers in the industry should consider.

  • Develop services with customers in mind.
  • Invest in people, not facilities.
  • Promote people, not products or services
  • Reward your loyal customers. Your future ambassadors.

Let’s convert the above suggestions into marketing actions.

  • Utilize user-generated content.

Use the power of social media to collect feedback, suggestions, and experiences. Act on them, as It will help improve services and spread the word about you.

  • Build employee branding.

Train and encourage your staff. They are the masters and messengers of your brand. This creates a domino effect, where employees reflect their positive attitude in their daily work and to the customers.

  • Content marketing

Write blog articles around people’s experiences. Highlight their best moments through the lens of the camera. People follow people, not products or services.

  • Contest marketing

Organize contests and special events to get people together and create momentum. Reward customers through loyalty programs. It will help you gain valuable information about your clients and build better relationships.

We embody a ‘foot in the door’ strategy that brings customers to your doorstep. Once they set foot, the likelihood to return is greater. The journey to your doorstep begins with a curated image of your home, here known as the brand. Once built, painted, and decorated, it’s ready to welcome visitors. Your virtual house is presented via your website and social media to the intended audience, your beloved guests.

(Knock, knock)

Who is there?

Concept Marketing, your HoReCa partner.

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