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Dental Tourism in Albania. Marketing recommendations to the dental industry.

Dental Tourism in Albania. Marketing recommendations to the dental industry.

When did the phenomenon of dental tourism start? Hard to pinpoint. However, we can safely say that nowadays, it is a common thing. So common as going to your local dentist.

Why has it become a routine now? What draws people to this particular type of tourism?

For these simple reasons:

  • Cost efficiency
  • Professionalism
  • High-quality materials
  • Traveling to a new country
  • Excellent care

Albania, our beautiful country, is a nest of dental excellence. With more than 1300 licensed dentists, it’s considered a great location for dental tourism.

Despite the immense number of professionals operating in the dentistry industry, one simple question arises: Which dentist should I pick? It’s a great question. Before coming to Albania, foreigners will research dental clinics.

A crucial aspect of earning the patient’s trust and being preferred over another clinic is your social media presence. Your presence on social media allows you to:

–  Creating a connection with your patients through content shared
–  Share the sense of professionalism of your staff by explaining the procedures used
–  Showing off your state-of-the-art equipment
–  Introducing your hygienic environment to your patients
–  Giving advice on simple matters that are overlooked

You will ask why all of the above matters. Easy.

Humans are social beings, and seeing all of the above will boost your brand’s awareness and visibility. They will tell their friends and family about your clinic. Word of mouth produces the best results.

Here are some excellent examples.

We have helped Dental Bliss and Lela Dental Clinic flourish their businesses through their social media presence. In the beginning, tourists coming to Albania for dental issues did not choose them. Only Albanian clients. If you check their Instagram now, you will see patient testimonials and comments praising their work. All real people. Happy with their smiles and oral health.

How did we assist them?

Quite elementary. First, we studied the market and their patients’ interests. Then we helped them establish their brands online. Nowadays, everything is on the internet. If you are not, you are losing potential patients.

What if they can’t find you?

No worries; we will bring your clinic closer to a global audience. How? Through targeted advertising techniques, we will make sure more international patients reach your clinic.

Do you need a social media strategy? Are you lacking in the social media area? Feeling left behind by not properly utilizing social media as the powerful tool it is?

Book an appointment with us and let us help you achieve the status you deserve.

We offer:

  1. Extensive research
  2. Social Media Strategy
  3. Social Media Management
  4. Content Creation
  5. Branding
  6. Photo Shooting / Video shooting
  7. Website Design
  8. Website Maintenance

Don’t fall behind by not taking advantage of this industry. Use this opportunity to grow your business. Call us now.

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